Individual Advertising

Start individual advertising on the Brazilian Golf Courses Directory in a valuable target audience, golf players!

High-income target group

The number of golf players in Brazil is growing rapidly. Moreover, golf players income is much higher than the average. By advertising on, you can get in contact with this very specific target group.

Individual advertising management uses individual advertising management. This enables you, the advertiser, to place very specific advertising. We take care to avoid advertising competition.

We provide advertisers only with premium ad positions. We can offer you banner positions on the following pages:

  • MAP
  • Search – Listing Golf Clubs
  • Golf Club page
  • Offers & Golf Package page

If you are interested, please contact us by filling out our contact form. Please indicate that you are interested in advertising on


Contact Persons:

For Portuguese-speaking partners:
NEWIN Comunicacao

For English-speaking partners:

Or simply forward it to our contact form

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