Tournament Calendar & World Golf Rankings

In our Tournament Calendar, you’ll find the PGA Tour and the European Tour. Therefore you can find a weekly actualized leaderboard, tour calendar, male and female world golf ranking.

The PGA Tour – Tournament Calendar Rankings

The PGA Tour is the organizer of the main professional golf tournaments in the United States and North America. Therefore you will find below those tournament calendar rankings.

The European Tour

The European Tour is the leading Pro Tour for male golf players in Europe. Most tournaments are held in Europe, but a few events take place in South Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Golf Rankings – World Golf Ranking and Rolex Ranking

Furthermore all word Rankings, the male World Golf, and the female Rolex Ranking.

World Golf Ranking – male

Since 1986 the World Golf Ranking (WGR) ranks all-male professional golfers in the world according to their average performance in counting events over a rolling cycle of the last 104 weeks.

Rolex Ranking – female

The Rolex Ranking is the first world ranking system for female professional golfers and the equivalent to the WGC. The ranking is based on points.