The weekend had several Brazilian professionals competing around the world, especially at the Bupa Match Play. Therefore it closed the first half of the PGA Tour Latin America season. See the results:

Three Brazilian professionals compete at the Bupa Match Play of the PGA Tour Latin America

In conclusion, Rodrigo Lee was the best placed of the three Brazilian professionals at the Bupa Match Play in Playa del Carmen in Mexico. This tournament marked the closing of the first half of the PGA Tour Latin America season. This first event was organized by the regional circuit in match play format. S0 the golfers dispute the holes in doubles, in eliminatory format. While Lee overcame American Mark Silvers by closing 17 holes with 68 strokes, 2 under his opponent, in the best of 32. In the next phase, Lee fell to Argentine Matias Simaski, completing 18 holes with 69 tackles, one above the opponent.

Alexandre Rocha and Rafael Becker also participated in the tournament but lost in the first phase to the American Hunter Hamrick and the Argentinean Clodomiro Carranza. The highlight was for Finland’s Toni Hakula, who became the first Match Play champion on the PGA Tour Latin America. Finally, he was winning in the final against Argentina’s Sebastian Saavedra.

Luiza Altmann competes for the Ladies European Tour Access Series

Luiza Altmann competed in the Viaplay Ladies Finnish Open 2018. This tournament is part of the Ladies European Tour Access Series. She closed the competition with 160 strokes, 16 over par in 106th place. Unfortunately, she did not pass the cut. After three days of the tournament, the champion was the Swedish Julia Engstrom, with 214 strokes (-2).

Original in Portuguese from the CBG-news / 12.06.2018 /
translated from Fernando Boghos Cescon Avedissian