Colombian Marcelo Rozo wins the 65th JHSF Brazil Open. This Brazilian PGA TOUR Latin America Tournament was played at the Randall Thompson Golf Course in Fazenda Boa Vista. With a -8 on the final day, Marcelo Rozo was winning with a total of 264 strokes (-20 under par). The Australian Harrison Endycott and the North American Chase Hanna shared the second place with 265 strokes, one stroke more as the winner.

Rafa Becker was scoring his first qualifying points

The best-placed Brazilian was Rafa Becker. He finished in fourth place with 267 (-17). It is the second time that Becker scored for the world ranking in 2018. And the first points for the?ranking for the Olympic qualification for Tokyo 2020. Alexandre Rocha was leading since the second day. At the final, he finished in eighth place with 269 (-15). Rodrigo Lee started the day in eighth but lost six positions to finish 14th, with 271 (66-67-67-71) strokes. Felipe Navarro was 33rd, with 277 (72-68-71-66), and Rafa Barcellos in 41st, with 279 (68-72-68-71). The other 17 Brazilians did not pass the cut after two days.

Comments about the tournament

“I am very happy. This week was very special, and I dedicate the victory to my brother already deceased. He would celebrate his birthday this week, “said the winner Marcelo Rozo.

“We are very proud to have held another international competition at Fazenda Boa Vista. The PGA TOUR Latino America is the largest golf tournament in Latin America. It was an excellent opportunity to join the PGA TOUR and the Brazilian Golf Confederation (CBG), “said JHSF President Thiago Alonso de Oliveira.

“We are very pleased with the success of the tournament. We have made a great partnership with the PGA TOUR and the CBG team. Hopefully, we can hold an even better competition next year at Fazenda Boa Vista, “said Humberto Polati, director of JHSF.

For the president of the Brazilian Golf Confederation (CBG) Euclides Gusi, the Brazil Open held at Fazenda Boa Vista was excellent. He praised the commitment of the JHSF team to this tournament. “Everything was perfect, and the Randall Thompson course is of high quality with a fantastic working drainage system. We are proud and grateful to host the second leg of the PGA Tour Latin America in Brazil. For us, it is an honor to have so many partners who have become so spectacularly involved in this event. And we are going to work now to carry out the PGA TOUR Latinoamerica stages next year”, concluded Gusi.