A new stage in the development of the sport started with the cooperation agreement signed between the PGA of Brazil and the Olympic Golf Course (RJ). Through the agreement between the two organizations, PGA professionals from Brazil can conduct training and play in the most modern golf course in Brazil, built especially for the 2016 Olympic Games.

PGA Brazil: Training and playing in a high-quality golf course

“Training and playing in a high-quality course, similar to the best in the world, will contribute a lot to the technical development of Brazilians,” says Luiz Martins, president of PGA of Brazil. “I hope all our associates seize the opportunity and enjoy this new possibility for their professional development,” says Luiz Martins, president of PGA of Brazil.

A professional tournament in the Olympic field

In addition, the organization intends to promote a professional tournament in the Olympic field later this year. As a way to strengthen the relationship between professionals and offer them the possibility of getting to know the qualities that the field offers. To enjoy the advantages of the agreement, professionals will have to keep up with their contributions to the organization. Professionals will be able to play free of charge up to three times a month. But they will not be able to teach in the Olympic field, and they must inform the Pro Shop of the C.O. Professionals will be entitled to free of charge a basket of balls to practice on the driving range.

Corina and Nico Barcellos – management of the Olympic Golf Course

After the Olympic Games in 2016, Corina and Nico Barcellos had taken over the technical management of the Olympic Golf Course. In these early days, it was important to get the golf course running economically. In order to find the acceptance of the golf course and also to find new golf players. Therefore, social events and beginner courses were regularly held for the population in the area.

The Olympic Golf Course has an excellent reputation

In the various national tournaments, the Olympic course has an excellent reputation in Brazil. Especially the always perfect maintained golf course is an issue after the round of golf in the clubhouse. Also, a small golf shop with the most important golf equipment, souvenirs and rental clubs are built by Corina and Nico. And those who feared that a unique nature area would be destroyed before the Olympics can learn a lesson. Therefore, ecological tours for nature lovers are held on the weekends with a special electric car. Thank you very much for this great management, Corina and Nico Barcellos.

Now it’s time for the new leadership that the Olympic Golf Course in Rio de Janeiro. Click for all details about the Olympic Golf Course in Rio.