Top 20 Golf Courses of Brazil 2018 ranked by Top100 Golf Courses. At the last ranking of 2016, in front of the Olympic Games 2016, the Olympic Golf Course was listed as number 2. Comments about the course being closed or bad after the games were false. It is the opposite of the course maybe it is better than 2 years ago. Nature is growing, the animals are coming back and the fairways, bunkers, greens, etc. are always in great condition. The 2018 ranking is still: number 2.

The number one golf course is Fazenda Santa Pazienza

As a result, the number 1 did not change, it is the golf course at the Fazenda Santa Pazienza. Unfortunately, this course is private. You only can play if you know the owners or a very good friend of theirs. Therefore you’ll find on our start page all the general information about Golf in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro ranked with 3 Golf Courses

Especially great for tourists is, that all the 3 Championship golf courses in Rio de Janeiro are ranked in the Top 20 of Brazil. Because of the Olympic Golf Course (Nr. 2), the Gavea Golf Club (Nr. 5) and the Itanhanga Golf and Country Club (Nr. 16) are all in maximum of 30 minutes distance from each other.

The redesigned golf course at the Iguassu Falls Golf Club is the only new-ranked course in Brazil. Therefore, the Iguassu golf course is only 15 minutes away from the entrance to the Iguacu Nacional Parque, this golf resort is perfect for International golf tourists. Finally, the borders of Argentina and Paraguay are very close.

Famous Golf Courses for Travellers

Also for travellers, famous golf courses in Terravista (Nr. 3), Comandatuba (Nr. 10), Brasilia (Nr. 18) and Aquiraz Riviera (Nr.20) are in the Top 20 of Top100golfcourses.

Those are the top 20 Golf Courses from Top100 golf courses:

  1. Fazenda Santa Pazienza (state of Sao Paulo)
  2. Rio 2016 Olympic Golf Course (Rio de Janeiro)
  3. Terravista Golf Course (Bahia)
  4. Sao Paulo Golf Club (Sao Paulo)
  5. Gavea Golf Club (Rio de Janeiro)
  6. Fazenda da Grama (Sao Paulo)
  7. Fazenda Boa Vista – Arnold Palmer (Sao Paulo)
  8. Sao Fernando Golf Club (Sao Paulo)
  9. Alphaville Graciosa (Parana)
  10. Comandatuba Ocean Course (Bahia) – Since February 2020 closed ?
  11. Quinta da Baroneza (Sao Paulo)
  12. Porto Alegre Country Club (Rio Grande de Sul)
  13. Damha Golf Club (Sao Paulo)
  14. Guarapiranga Golf and Country Club (Sao Paulo)
  15. Goiania Golf Club (Goiana)
  16. Itanhanga Golf and Country Club (Rio de Janeiro)
  17. Curitibano Golf Club (Parana)
  18. Brasilia Golf Club (Distrito Federal)
  19. Iguassu Falls Golf Club (Parana)
  20. Aquiraz Riviera Ocean Dunes Course (Ceara)